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At Fiona Bugler Content & Communications we are passionate about wellbeing in the workplace. We have the expertise and knowledge to provide wellbeing content solutions to engage your employees and boost your business. We will help you put wellbeing in the workplace at the top of your company’s agenda.

Whatever the size of your business, with brilliant content we can engage your people to help create an energetic, thriving culture.

Wellbeing in the Workplace: Growth

Wellbeing is a multi-million pound industry and growing. Wellness is now worth up to £2.8 trillion worldwide, according to the Global Wellness Institute. And they have found that Workplace wellness programmes have blossomed into an industry worth more than £31 billion worldwide. By 2022, British consumers are forecast to spend £487 per head annually on “wellness”, according to analytics firm GlobalData.

There are calls for governments to prioritise wellbeing over economic growth.

Research has found that companies who prioritise wellbeing in the workplace have more productive and happier and healthier staff.


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What’s the problem?
Most businesses small and large create a culture of busy-ness with stressed out workers who feel short on time. Staff hunger for more time to focus on wellbeing. More than one-fifth (22%) of employer respondents believe that their employee absence rates are higher than other organisations because they do not have health and wellbeing initiatives in place, according to research by Group Risk Development (Grid).

Absenteeism due to unhealthy habits (too many after-work drinks) and stress is on the increase. In total, 15.4 million working days were lost in 2017/18 as a result of stress. This equates to 57.3 per cent of the 26.8 million work days lost to ill health according to figures released by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Why do you need to create content for your employees?

Tap into the emotion of wellbeing. By creating your own branded content hub you will have a direct conversation with your staff, showing them you value them and see them as more than just a worker.

Authenticity. Want to be seen as a dynamic, proactive, goal-orientated business? Practise what you preach and ensure your company culture reflects brand values, whether that’s enhancing a longer life with your products and services; boosting wellbeing of individuals (directly or indirectly); or being dynamic, modern and purpose-driven.

Content works. In the world of advertising and marketing, there is an understanding that the Red Bull effect works (brand as publisher). And almost three-quarters of marketers – 72 per cent – believe that branded content is significantly more effective than traditional magazine advertisements. (Custom Content Council). On top of this sixty-one per cent of consumers will buy from a blog post recommendation. (Content Marketing Institute).

Great content can be the glue that bonds your teams and owning and creating your hub allows you and your staff to tell your wellbeing story, in your voice, and share it in and outside your company.

Our Services

We will work with your marketing and Human Resources team to create the following:

  • Team newsletters
  • Inspiring Blog posts
  • Company newsfeed following your team’s wellness stories
  • Video shoots of team events
  • Handouts and guides for workplace wellbeing (Exercises to do at your desk; mindfulness tips; Time and Training guide)
  • Company wellbeing magazine
  • Entire Content Hub and Wellbeing App
  • Workshops and training groups

A variety of templates and options are available making the whole service interactive.

We can also offer education to in-house teams (both fitness and content provision).

Who are we?

  • Experienced wellness experts and specialist writers/journalists – athletes, personal trainers, mindfulness experts. Led by Fiona Bugler, personal trainer, athlete, author, editor, educator, and health/fitness communications and marketing expert.
  • Facilities Management Advisory board helping to create content and guidelines for best practise and news around building and environmental wellness – unique to the brand/company.



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