Case Study: The Bosh Story


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Bosh Run



I first met the ‘Bosh Father’ Scott Goodwin at a kids’ football club presentation do in Watford in 2012, but we actually ‘knew’ each other already as we’d both shared our passion for running via the online world of running.

Soon after Scott set up the Bosh Run Facebook group an online running community where runners share their experiences, which Scott describes as “an identity”. Scott explains how the name came about through an online chat with a friend of his. “I just Boshed a 10 miler on the trails,” he’d say to his mate, ‘Bosh’ would be the reply and so on. What makes Bosh Runners different from other communities like Fetch, running clubs, Runner’s World and even the Marathon Talk is that it truly is a grassroots gathering of running friends.

“It’s not an online running club, it’s not about pace or records or club championships, neither is it a repository of race information or even a coaching site. It’s much simpler than that. Bosh Run is a supportive eclectic mix of runners who just love running –anything from a mile to 100 miles. It’s about sharing the joy of your own achievements and those of others. It’s a social club for runners, our own running community that has attracted over 2000+ members and is growing by the week. We now have members all over the UK, Europe and as far afield as China!” he explains.

In 2013, I asked Scott if he would work with me on behalf of Mizuno Running UK. Scott and other Bosh bloggers tested out and wrote about new running shoes and took part in The Reading Half Marathon, helping Mizuno to launch their minimalist offering Evo and share their experiences of the race. In 2014, a team of Bosh runners joined us at the Endure 24 Run, a gruelling but great weekend of mud, laughter, some tears – and loads of photos and social media, with a focus on the launch of Mizuno’s Wave Hayate off road shoe.

Bosh continued to work with Mizuno, and now proudly sport Mizuno running vests with the Bosh Logo. They’ve also provided teams of marshals at the Brighton Half Marathon, and a Bosh Vest and Bosh arm band can be spotted at races from one of end of the country to the other. Bosh have been featured in a number of running publications and in 2015, Scott was selected to be trained by a team of experts for Men’s Running. He also works closely with Martin Yelling and Marathon Talk, and Mitchell Phillips from StrideUK.

Bosh are typical of the running community I’m proud to be part of and whom I love working with. We connect through our shared passion for the sport, both on and off line. There’s no entry requirements and no expectations. I believe Bosh are the park run of the online running world, driven by a passion for running, uncontrived, authentic and not fuelled by any other agenda but a love of the sport and a desire to share that enthusiasm.




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