Our Vision

All boundaries should be pushed, all horizons looked over, all old ideas challenged, every moment lived well…

Each individual can be a catalyst for change and help create a society where we don’t just live long – we live well.


We believe thought provoking content marketing can encourage people to look at the world differently and take time to question how they work, why they work and their work life balance.

Taking part in endurance sport can enhance life for an individual and can help them to be a catalyst for change in society. It’s also the ultimate metaphor for a successful working life.

We focus on women to be the driving force that means the next generation of older people don’t just live long – they live well too.

We value partnerships and being part of a supportive and collaborative working community which celebrates diversity and actively promotes partnerships with professional women/people looking to return to a fulfilling career or try something completely new.

Our motto is it’s never too late to learn something different, and to reach a little higher.


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Fiona Bugler