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In April 2015, I visited the #BrightonSEO conference and the now defunct Digital Shoreditch annual festival as my quest to keep moving on the digital learning path. As a small business owner who specialises in Content and Communications, these events are vital for my ongoing education, networking and also give me a great excuse to get out of the office.

Digital learning is something that never stops. It’s one of the things I love about the arena. Being older than many of the others in the trade doesn’t put me off it encourages me – I’ve been learning, and learning quick for a very long time.

In 2015 I wrote: ‘SEO is a bit beyond me in places with its algorithms, penguins and spreadsheets – but even though some of the skills and lingo might be out of bounds, as a content and communications practitioner, I’m certainly playing on the same pitch.

The digital learning then is still relevant now. I wrote: ‘On the website, SEO Brighton states, “This isn’t an event that just tells you ‘content is king’”, adding, “It’s hands-on. It’s detailed and it’s practical.” Detailed and practical it absolutely is with excellent presentations from the likes of Vicky Cheung, Matthew Barby, and Steve Morgan – but for me the message that content is king did come through, loud and clear, and it’s message that any journalist twiddling their thumbs or moaning about a lack of work should listen to. Because the ideas and content tips that were presented to the metric-minded SEOs are basic journalism, our core skills, which any journalist worth their salt possesses – and which are paramount in the world of marketing and PR, and SEO.

‘What many of us old hacks don’t have is an understanding of how the new vehicles that deliver the words we can write in our sleep work – let alone the skills to drive them!

‘And that’s the great thing about digital learning. Guess what? You can learn how to drive! Matthew Barby gave us a great tool kit of top and easy to take away tips. It’s the appliance of science to what we do naturally, making the messages and the words clearer, more relevant, and able to reach more people. It’s clear that Matthew’s testimonial on his website that says he’s meticulous is a genuine endorsement as his presentation had all the hall marks of a highly organised and detail focussed individual.

‘A great tip from Barby for anyone providing PR for a brand, working with an expert, or a content provider wanting to be recognised as an expert in their field is to edit a Wikkipedia article. A good way is to go to wkiigrabber.com and find articles that need citations/ and deadlinks and edit them. He suggests that to get it right you use an experienced wikki editor.

He reminds us of the importance of building a Content Influencer Team who have leverage. See the blog teams Fiona Bugler set up for Mizuno at Endure 24. A great idea is to create a badge for your influences that makes them a contributor to your brand.

‘Want to find what your competitors are up to? As well as Google Alerts you can check out competitor mentions on Mention.com and or Notify.ly.

‘Barby reminds us that Buzz Feed is a ‘treasure trove of links that you can cash in on’ and for brands or self employed freelancers or small companies wanting exposure it’s easy to log in and publish an article and reach up to 150,000 people. This is an example of the appliance of science via metrics to content. Barby analzyed almost 46,000 articles –you can read more here about how to get onto Buzzfeed’s front page. Simple take way tips include reading through BuzzFeeds do’s and don’ts and following Matthew’s tips!

‘On May 15th I’ll be at Digital Shoreditch for ‘Live’ a day that’s aimed at those who want to: “Mingle and make meaningful conversation with the most exciting companies and organisations leading the way in Broadcast, Publishing, Film, Music, Branded Content, Gaming and more.” Where I’ll find out about: ‘the unexpected joys of an unlikely audience, the perks and the pit-falls of bringing tech to TV, improv comedy, experiential campaigns and of course lots of LOL fun with the usual suspects!’

Back to 2017. The Learning continues. Check out my latest review from Brighton SEO 2017.

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