3 Tips For Great Video Online Content

Whatever your ad spend or marketing budget, it’s foolhardy to ignore the power of digital and in particular video.

Your customer now not only buys your brand, but also actively helps you sell it. Andrew Weston from video production company, Fly Creative, explains: “We are at the very beginning of social amplification for businesses and brands, but what is evident is that with the analysis and demographic-understanding that online offers compared to the traditions of television and radio advertising, the future of user generated content for business is looking incredibly exciting.”

  1. Keep it real.

    Don’t under estimate the power of user generated content (UGC). What videos do you remember online? It could be the video of someone face-planting whilst skiing, or a simple user generated such as Candace Payne’s viral video in a Chewbacca mask which was viewed by over 150 million in just one day.

  2. Time it right.

    A live video can last at least 20 minutes, giving your user time to tune in and get a feel for what you’re offering. To get the maximum impact keep other videos short and target your age groups. For millennials for a 10 second video, for those aged 35-54, 30 seconds, and preferably on a tablet, works best.

  3. Be Strategic.

    Don’t just upload a video online, create a social campaign that gets users to take action. “There are no rules to what goes viral and what doesn’t, but there is a common thread: emotional engagement and the innate ability to transcend the sum of their parts,” says Andrew Weston, from Brighton’s video production company, Fly Creative. “Take the ASL Ice Bucket challenge, it had a genuine, worthwhile cause at the heart of it, actively encouraged people to ‘physically’ participate and share, but also, the masterstroke, users were asked to nominate friends.”

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Fiona Bugler